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At Surge Physiotherapy our mission is to help you rise up to better health. We will guide you through your individualized program of care to ensure that you reach your peak physical health and wellness and are able to live your most fulfilled life. 

Surge Physiotherapy is unlike any other clinic in town. Everything is one-on-one; you will feel attended to and at ease knowing that no distractions will be present. Walking into the clinic you will be greeted by a cheerful smile and will immediately feel calmed by the nurturing atmosphere of the clinic. We will help you see that rehabilitation doesn't have to be scary - that it can actually be fun. 

Meet the Team

The rehabilitation staff at Surge are Registered Physiotherapists with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and are committed to providing a hands on, personalized approach to physiotherapy.  

Stephanie Bourbeau

Registered Physiotherapist




BSc. Kin


Clinic Owner

Surge Physiotherapy can help you rise up to better health.  

It's time to uplift your life and break free of pain and injury.

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