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How We Treat

We recognize that everyone and every injury is unique, and as a result we create personalized treatment plans, not a cookie cutter approach. We take the time to evaluate your condition to appropriately identify your injury, provide you with the education to understand your condition, discuss your goals, and provide you with the treatment strategies and timeline needed to optimize your recovery.

A hands on approach is heavily relied on at Surge Physiotherapy. We will primarily use our manual therapy skills during your choice of a 30- or 45-minute treatment session. Treatment will consist of techniques including but not exclusive to mobilization, stretching, and myofascial release, as well as the services discussed on this page for your muscles, joints, nerves, and soft tissues.

We highly value the importance of exercise as part of our treatment plans. We will teach you the tools required to progress, maintain, and prevent reoccurrences through movement optimization and a home exercise program.


Surge Physiotherapy can help you rise up to better health.  

It's time to uplift your life and break free of pain and injury.

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